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EV Challenge Grant Awarded

Langen Technology (Formerly Brace Technology) has been awarded a third successive grant funding round to further develop the unique PowerPOD

Langen Technology (Formerly BraceTechnology) has been  awarded a third successive grant funding round to further develop the unique PowerPOD modeular battery technology.

Funded jointly by the Office forZero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and Innovate UK, the Early Stage R&D Competition is open to niche vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers, and design / engineering or technology organisations, active in the UK specialist and low volume manufacturing sector, who wish to collaborate on innovative, industry-led projects.

The competition is open to consortia who have already established the technical feasibility of their concept and now aims to develop and produce a proof of concept or first prototype which can be demonstrated on a UK niche vehicle.

Early Stage R&D projects can be up to 6 months in duration.

This early-stage R&D project will develop an adaptable Electric Vehicle conversion kit, designed to fulfil the requirements of specialist converters of ICE vehicles. It will also provide a suitable solution for new build vehicles including the G40-R EV. The project will build on the innovative PowerPod Battery Pack Production readiness project completed by Brace Technology and scale up the technology from its original intended use within motorbikes and small L-Cat vehicles. Ginetta Cars will bring their expertise in vehicle design and development aside Raceway Motorsport’s manufacturing and testing expertise for the vehicle conversion.


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