Crafting Exhilaration

Working on the philosophy that motorcycles should provide raw excitement to ride and be a pleasure to stand and admire. Form and function can work in perfect harmony.

Revealing Our Core: A Philosophy Beyond Machines

Our Mission

Our mission is to create machines which unite exceptional technical performance with the intangible element and purity of the ride - Motorcycles that move your soul.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that motorcycles should provide a natural connection between rider and machine on every level.


Founded in 2018 as an automotive engineering and development company, founder Christofer Ratcliffe began to pen the first ideas of an ultra lightweight motorcycle unlike anything else on the road. In 2019 a special relationship with Vincenzo Mattia‘s – Vins Motors in Maranello begun. With both company's desire to push the boundaries of innovation and technical excellence along with a shared a passion to produce lightweight pure motorcycles, a partnership was made and Langen Motorcycles was born.

During the first 4 years the team has continued to grow with the wealth of experience and know how coming from across the automotive industry from the likes of CCM, Triumph, BAC, Mclaren and M-sport. Each member of the Langen team brings a unique professionalism and expertise along with a shared passion to question the norm and push the boundaries of what is possible. Based in Manchester, we have adopted the local mantra: we do things differently here.

Crafting Excellence: The Langen Process

Visionary ConceptualiSation

In our relentless pursuit of perfection, we infuse every component with optimised engineering. Through creative thinking and continuous improvement, each element undergoes meticulous design to enhance performance and innovation.

Precision Engineering

Precision is our mantra. Our team of skilled engineers breathe life into the design, meticulously selecting materials and components to ensure each Langen motorcycle embodies technical excellence.

Rigorous Testing

Before it hits the road, every Langen motorcycle undergoes rigorous testing. From performance checks to endurance trials, we push the limits to guarantee a machine that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Customisation Mastery

Our low-volume manufacturing allows us to offer a level of customisation that sets Langen apart. Every motorcycle becomes a canvas for the owner's desires, with carefully selected UK manufacturing partners ensuring each component meets exacting standards.

PersonaliSed Delivery

The Langen experience extends beyond the workshop. Each motorcycle is delivered with a personal touch, ensuring the rider feels the connection between man and machine from the very first ride.

“….excellent power to weight ratio, and the benchmark handling of its sweet-steering chassis, Langen Motorcycles’ debut model has hit the bullseye” -

“in the flesh it is just stunning”

“Build quality is spectacular …the whole package is a triumph of handling prowess.” - Motorcycle News

“the way it rides is incredible”


Limited build slots are available for LightSpeed and Two-Stroke models. Contact our team now to secure your individual masterpiece.

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